This online programme will help you enhance your skills when presenting, be it formal or informal, standing or seated, with or without visual aids, to one or to many by increasing your level of influence and achieving greater buy-in from your audience.

Skills gained:

  • Being at your relaxed and natural best whatever the situation
  • Using a conversational delivery when ‘under the spotlight’
  • Learning strategies to overcome and combat nerves
  • Presenting to influence, rather than dumping data
  • Greater gravitas and confidence
  • Reading your audience
  • Engaging and holding audience attention
  • Making and using speaking notes to stay in control
  • Understanding what works about visual aids (PowerPoint), what doesn’t and why.
  • Handling questions with confidence and conviction

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Pricing is based on one user. Please contact us to find out about our latest discounts if you wish to enrol your team on this programme.